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Now for something a little bit different. 
Some visitors to this site may not have any interest in the following,
some may find it very very interesting indeed.
All of these were created using Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, PhotoMatix,
and a few miscellaneous graphics programs I use often, as well
as a number of add-ons and plug-ins and filters and occasionally
some hand-editing.
If you'd like to see more of these please let me know.
I also have a few others based on some of the photos from this website at my DeviantArt albums, click here.
Remember - you can click to see the full-sized images.

Taken on 06/17/11
HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo made up of seven exposures, to show the interior structure and contrasts inside this.  This is from an old mill structure on an island made into a park in Carthage, Jefferson County.

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More photos from this location here.

Old transformer or radiator, sitting in the middle of the woods. HDR.

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More photos of this device here.

Gardner Road house and farm.  Created from High Dynamic Range photos with some editing.

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More photos of this house here.

Beautiful old house in Henderson, Route 72, Jefferson County.  Multiple EV photos used to create this High Dynamic Range photo, with Photoshop editing.

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Comments from visitors:
On 9/18/11 Charlie writes "Great! This is a winner ! You should forward this to a group of directors who film gothic movies ! I am looking hard, but I can't see Jane Eyre ..."

More photos of this house here.

An HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo, of foundations of an old barn on Perch Lake Road, Brownville.
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Barn foundations from the photo here

Ghostly old-style photo manipulation of the ruins of the old mill in Glen Park, NY.  Model from stock image on mjranum-stock.deviantart.com, model is Carly Champagne.
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Original photo on Page 33

Graphic manipulation of photos from old Scotch house in Pleasant Lake Wild Forest Area, St. Lawrence County

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Comments from visitors:
Boni S. writes: "I really love the picture, its something I would hang on my wall anytime. great idea."

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Original photo from Page 20

Elm Ridge Cheese Storage Building 
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Elm Ridge Storage Building from Page 7

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School Road, Felts Mills from Page 23

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Mexico Point State Park
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Old barn, Massey Street Road (County Route 75)

Are there any old abandoned structures that you'd like to see here, then send me directions!  Or take a couple shots and send them to me.  Is there any additional info you can provide on any of these buildings?  Also send me any questions, comments, or corrections by clicking here.


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