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Desolate States

Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields - NY State

American Urbex


Abandoned Baton Rouge

Barns along the River

NewRuins, the Bagley & SeweallProject, Deer Island, etc (local)

Russia - the End of the Empire


Lost America

Modern Ruins

Urban Exploration Ring

Forgotten America

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields

Dust To Dust - Ohio

Upstate Earth

Long Island Oddities


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Jefferson County, NY property search

St. Lawrence County, NY property search

Lewis County, NY property search


Decayism - The Urbex Directory

The Art of RC - David Oster's drawings of abandoned buildings

28dayslater - The UK UE Urbex Urban Exploration Forums

Forgotten Beauty

Talk Urbex

Urban Ghosts

Industrial Decay Blog

Abandoned Homes & Garden Blog


Lost Landmarks

Hudson Valley Ruins


Oswego Ruins

Abandoned Building Photos

Deserted Farms


Urbex (Urban Exploration) Forum

Jefferson County Historical Society

Ghost towns in NY state, from

GreyWolfInkWorks - ink drawings of old buildings


Mike says: "GREAT SITE!!! Was just surfing around when I came upon this GEM. Keep up the nice work. "


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Random Bits & Bytes
The Land of the Ultra Rev (blog entry)

Thelma Moye's Homepage
A student article was written which mentioned this site as well as had a few quotes from me -
you can find it here
Violethemlock's Stumbeupon Site
TutorGig Directory
Look At This (blog)
Wikipedia Entry on Upstate NY
Wikipedia Entry on Jefferson County, NY
Atheists of Utah Forum
Forum from
(someone took some pictures and info from this website and posted on this Treasurenet site without my permission)
Permission was given for the band Nordman to use this photo on their album cover for "Om Gud Var Jag"- link
Caryn M. has a bit about this old schoolhouse on her websites at this link and this link.
Beautiful Decay Top 100

Odd stuff weird and unusual stuff
Eden's Garden of Delights

About: Oswego Canal

Gothic Poems at the Gothic Portal.

*Some photos have been used by Tom Straub for
his incredible Haunted Artwork, be sure to check
out his page at Fine Art!*


History of Jefferson County with pics and links

Jefferson County NY Weather Webcams

Northern NY Trails

Interested in discussing local history, genealogy, and sharing photos and info?  Join the Jefferson County History/Genealogy Mailing list


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