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Photos taken on 5/2/15 by Ron W. who is a relative of the owner.  They are currently stripping the building before demolition and found a lot of documents in an old safe, and donated the documents to the town historical society.
Ron also informed us that the building was built in 1893 and now is slowly collapsing from the rear wall.  The last store in this building was a video store and has sat empty since the last store closed up.  He also tells us that at some point in its history the building's second and third floors were used by the Masons.
Village of Chateaugay, Corner of East Main Street and River Street, building number 161. This building is going to be demolished by October (2016).
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Interior photos of the building on the Corner of East Main Street and River Street, Village of Chateaugay.
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July 13th, 2014 Photo by Justin Daniel (posted via the OABONNY Facebook page)
Spirit of Rochester - derelict cruise ship, Rochester, NY
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Comments from visitors:
June 2021 Jeanne B. writes "I remember this. our high school had our prom on it in the 80s...."
Steve of Penfield sent these interesting abandoned motel photos. Steve writes " The motel is on NY Rt. 104 about five miles west of the Orleans-Monroe county line.  It is at the intersection with Fancher Rd.  I don't know how it was used before it went belly up. Was it a nice place for tourists?  Was it a single room occupancy place for people of limited means?  Did it house migrant fruit pickers?  Maybe one of your readers knows the answers to these questions. Although you can't see it in the photos, there was a wishing well in the middle of the lawn.  It was filled with plastic flowers.  I did not go sifting through them looking for valuables. I suspect an intrepid photographer could get some good shots of it with the light of a full moon.  I am not that intrepid photographer."

The sign has seen better days.  At least I hope it didn't like like this when brand new!  There were definitely vacancies.

Is this what was once known as a "motor court"?  That phrase sounds sort of judicial.

Here's a view of the doors of two adjacent rooms.  They are connected by an interior door.

Of the two rooms above, this is the one on the right.  The mattress is gone but not the perfectly good bed frame.

This is a view of the same room showing the bathroom.  The closet door is the same in both photographs.  No hangers.  It looks like the sink drain pipe has been disconnected.

This is the kitchenette in the room to the left.

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April 2021, Photo by Patty K.
Abandoned West Leyden Hotel, West Leyden
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Comments from visitors:
September 9, 2021 Colleen Seelman Seaton writes "My grandparents owned the West Leyden Hotel for years. Leo Rabideau and Catherine Moltz Rabideau. It was beautiful back in the day and was the cultural center of town. It is a shame it is now in such poor shape, I took my mom, Barbara Rabideau past it when she was up visiting, and it was quite a shock to her, it was in very bad repair:( Nothing lasts forever)"

Another bit of a department from abandoned 'buildings' but we hope you will enjoy these as we find them fascinating.
An anonymous visitor sent these, they are of a decrepitly deteriorated bus along the side of the Oswego County Recreational Trail near the Fulton end.
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