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bulletCreek Road (corner of Dano and Creek) - house

bulletRoute 411 - barn

bulletRoute 411 - building

bulletDrake Road - ruins of foundations

bulletStar School House Road - house (being remodeled)

bulletDepauville Road - house

bulletMorris Track Road - barn

bulletMorris Track Road - house or barn?

bulletStar School House Road - barn

bulletStar School House Road - house

bulletCombs Road - remains of stone house (2)

bulletPerch Lake Road - barn (2, burned by owner and fire department)

bulletRutland Hollow Road - house

bulletbulletCounty Route 69?  Barnes Corners Road?, Route 194, Lewis County - house

bulletWhitesville Road (County Route 156 or 18?) - house

bulletRoute 12E - barn

bulletRoute 12E - barn

bulletRoute 12E - barn

bulletRoute 12E - house

bulletRoute 12E - farm buildings

bulletRoute 12E - house

bulletRoute 12E - barn and buildings

bulletRoute 12E - barn

bulletRoute 126 - garage

bulletEvans Road - old stone schoolhouse

bulletMadison Barracks Buildings, Sackets Harbor (5)

bulletOntario Street - fuel gantry

bulletRoute 12 between Lowville/Copenhagen - buildings

bulletIntersection of Route 12 and Number Three Road (Clarks Corners) near Copenhagen - house (2)

bulletRoute 12 near Copenhagen - large house (4, demolished)

bulletRoute 12 near Copenhagen - house

bulletMillens Bay Road - house

bulletMillens Bay Road - house

bulletMillens Bay Road - house

bulletMillens Bay Road - house (rumored to be haunted)

bulletMillens Bay Road - barn

bulletMillens Bay Road - strange little building

bulletBonney Road - house

bulletBonney Road - barn

bulletRoute 12E, Limerick - store

bulletGame Farm Road - house

bulletHoney Flats Road - farm

bulletHoney Flats Road - barn

bulletHoney Flats Road - barn

bulletHoney Flats Road - farm

bulletPerch River Village, CR-55 - Grange building

bulletHoney Flats Road (corner of Vaadi Road and Dog Hill Road) - No. 21 Carter Street School house

bulletCounty Route 16 (Parrish Road/Jenkins Road) - barn with derrick (7)

bulletPink School House Road - pink schoolhouse

bulletRoute 37 - house

bulletWhiskey Street, Lafargeville - remains of barn

bulletCemetery Road, Lafargeville - house

bulletCemetery Road, Lafargeville - buildings

bulletDam Road, near Perch River Dam - spring house (3)

bulletDam Road, near Perch River Dam - ruins of old stone house (2)

bulletRoute 12E near corner of 57 (?) - house

bulletCounty Route 4 - building, chimney and wood from burned out house

bulletCounty Route 4 - barn

bulletCounty Route 4 - probably schoolhouse

bulletCounty Route 4 - barn

bulletCounty Route 9 (St. Lawrence Road, Sand Bay Road) - house

bulletSt. Lawrence Road (Sand Bay Road, Country Route 9) - barn

bulletSand Bay Road (St. Lawrence Road, County Route 9) - house

bulletCounty Route 9 (St. Lawrence Road, Sand Bay Road) - barn

bulletCounty Route 57 - barn

bulletCounty Route 57 or 59- house

bulletCounty Route 59, point Peninsula - two barns

bulletLawrence Road - collapsed house

bulletRoute 177 - house

bulletRoute 12, Northside - Drive-in building (2)

bulletRossie - grist mill (9)

bulletIrish Avenue, Philadelphia - dairy co-op (5)

bulletRailroad Street, Great Bend - train depot (4)

bulletCounty Route 47, south of Great Bend - collapsed barn & silo

bulletRutland Hollow (near) - partially collapsed barn

bulletHell Street Road, town of Cape Vincent - barn

bulletHell Street Road, town of Cape Vincent - house

bulletHell Street Road, town of Cape Vincent - house

bulletDezangremel Rd.- barn

bulletDrezangremel Road, County Route 4 - barn

bulletCounty Route 13 near Omar - collapsed barn

bulletPanther Mountain, Oswegatchie - Air Force radar adjunct (2)

bulletCounty Route 189, hamlet of Lorraine - house

bulletState Street Hill - farm

bulletHerrings - old mill (2)

bulletRoute 12, between Copenhagen and Lowville - house 

bulletBetween Natural Bridge and old Lewisburg - flooded remains of old mine, White Rock Quarry

bulletDickson Road in Jefferson County near border of St. Lawrence County, farm remains

bulletPikes Road in St. Lawrence County, near Spragueville - schoolhouse (may have been church at one time)

bulletQuarry Road, in Gouverneur - burned out barn

bulletCounty Route 25 in St. Lawrence County near  border of Jefferson - house

bulletRoute 12E between Clayton and Alex Bay - barn

bulletRoute 180 near Omar - house

bulletCounty Route 13 near Omar - building

bulletCounty Route 13 near Omar, near corner of CR3? - farm building

bulletCounty Route 13 - barn

bulletCounty Route 13 - collapsed barn or house? (3)

bulletCorner of Perch Lake Road/Jack Street Road (County Route 15) and Route 411 (Plank Road), Orleans Four Corners, Jefferson County - former Timmerman large turkey farm (6)

bulletCounty Route 15 - barn

bulletBeckwith Road near corner of Van Tassel - old storage building or garage

bulletElm Ridge Road - cheese cellar building

bulletElm Ridge near previous pic - old bridge

bulletCorner of CR 17 (Keyser Rd), Evans Mills - milk plant (6)

bulletGardner Road, outside of Lowville - building

bulletRoute 342, near Longways - barn

bulletFrink Farm, Salt Point Road (Route 66), near Sackets Harbor - barn (2)

bulletDutch Gap Road, near Town of Orleans line - barn

bulletHaller Road, near Town of Orleans line - barn

bulletNear CR 22 over Salmon River near gorge - bridge (3)

bulletNumber 3 Road, between Lowville/Copenhagen - house

bulletEllis Road, near Depauville - partial barn

bulletCorner of Star School House Road and Route 12  - stone school house

bulletRoute 69 (Underwood Rd) , between Whitesville & Tylerville - barn

bulletLowe Road - farmhouse

bulletLowe Road - barn and windmill (with previous)

bulletCounty Route 7 near Cape Vincent - barn in woods

bulletCounty Route 6 - Old Pleasant Valley Cheese Factory

bulletState Park Road, Point Salubrious - building, possibly ice house

bulletCounty Route 57 - farmhouse/barn

bulletCounty Route 57 - building

bulletRoute 180, in Stone Mills - stone house (2)

bulletCounty Route 11 (Underbluff Road, Bluff Road, Sylvia Street?) - house (7)

bulletMadison Barracks - ruins (2)

bulletRoute 3 between Sackets Harbor and Henderson - barn (2)

bulletRoute 3 between Sackets Harbor and Henderson - restaurant

bulletHarbor Road, Henderson Harber - house (Dr. Bickley's)

bulletErie Canal Road near Belport - remains of foundations, maybe barn?(2)

bulletRoute 3 not far from Lake Bonaparte - barn or shed

bulletRoute 26, near Constableville - house

bulletCorner of Vaadi Road and Route 12 - barn and small buildings (3)

bulletRoute 8, Clayton area - house (4)

bulletRoute 8 - house (2)

bulletbulletPossibly Route 8 or around corner Three Mile Creek Road, Three Mile Bay - barn and wooden silo

bulletMain Street, Antwerp - house

bulletMain Street, Antwerp - house

bulletMechanic Street, Antwerp - house

bulletRoute 283 (Pearl Street) - ornate brick house

bulletRoute 26 near Route 37 outside Theresa- motel (4)

bulletScott's Corners, Route 178, Town of Henderson - barn and farm

bulletRoute 3 near 3A - barn

bulletStar School House Road, Limerick - barn

bulletNorth Shore Road - partial barn

bulletEast Ridge Road (County Route 13), near corner of East Line Road (County Route 3), outside of Lafargeville  - small building (3)

bulletStony Point, Henderson Harbor - pillboxes (14)

bulletDecker Road, Lewis County (?) - foundations

bulletRoute 177, Tug Hill on way to Lowville - farm

bulletSouth of Ogdensburg - rental cabin on St.Lawrence

bulletRossie - Melrose Grist Mill (more on page 4)

bulletRoute 3 near mall - house

bulletTryon Road & Rainbow Shores Road near Sandy Beach Park - schoolhouse

bulletRoute 3 near Sandy Creek - house (2)

bulletRoute 11 outside of Pulaski - house (3)

bulletBalcher Road or Ridge Road (County Route 22) & Route 11 nears Mannsville - possibly schoolhouse

bulletPerch Lake between Parrish (Jenkins) Road and corner of Kiser Road near entrance to Perch Lake - cheese cellar & foundations (3)

bulletRoute 26 outside of Fort Drum - house

bulletRoute 26 outside of Fort Drum - house

bulletRoute 180 outside of Lafargeville - stone house and barn ruins (9)

bulletRoute 180 outside of Lafargeville- Lafarge Mansion (postcard of original mansion included) (4)

bulletPerch River Dam Road - remains of well-known large unusual barn (2) (photo of original barn included)

bulletLimerick - grist mill foundations

bulletRector Road, Lowville - house (2)

bulletRutland Hollow Road - stone house

bulletBear Town Road, next to Ashcraft Pond, Croghan - house

bulletThird Road, near Beaver Falls - schoolhouse

bulletOld State Road (seasonal), off Deer River Road/Copenhagen Road - bridge (2)

bulletRoute 37, near Hammond - stone/wood house (4)

bulletRoute 37 - stone schoolhouse, near Hammond ?

bulletRoute 37 - schoolhouse ?, near Brier hill (3)

bulletElm Ridge Road, outside of Theresa - milk factory ruins (2)

bulletRoute 26, just inside Alex Bay, tourist cabins and office (3)

bulletRoute 12 between Alex Bay and the TI Bridge - farmhouse (3)

bulletRoute 12, just east of the I-81 interchange - house (3)

bulletRoute 12 North, ruins of an old barn (2)

bulletCastorland (in the village), Ridge Road - factory

bulletCastorland - train depot (6)

bulletEast Road, outside of Deer River - schoolhouse

bulletVorce Road, corner of County Road 55 - old bridge beside new one

bulletRoute 12, near corner of Military Road - cheese cellar (2)

bulletRoute 12, three miles north of Boonville - Black River Canal Lock Park (7)

bulletJefferson County, undisclosed location - very old stone chimney or fireplace (4)

bulletRector Road, near Lowville - house (2)

bulletRector Road, near Lowville - house surrounded by swamp (2)

bulletSwerniski Road - old farm buildings

bulletRoute 177 between corners of Kubinski Road and Cobb Road- collapsing house

bulletSears Pond Road - collapsing house

bulletFlat Rock Road - milkhouse

bulletFlat Rock Road - collapsing farm buildings

bulletGardner Road - old schoolhouse surrounded by trees

bulletGardner Road, outside of Lowville - house

bulletPoor's Island (Kamargo Island), Black River - papermill ruins (6)

bulletRoute 11, Antwerp - abandoned Massey Ferguson dealership

bulletRoute 11, Dekalb Junction - old building (2)

bulletSouth of Canton - Old Ideal Drive-in (2)

bulletSomewhere in Hammond - excellent broken-down stone house

bulletRidge Road, outside of Watertown - house (2)

bulletRoute 26, Deer River - large stone house, collapsed roof (2)

bulletRutland Hollow Road - large stone house

bulletGardner Road between Eagle Factory Road & West Road, outside of Lowville  - house and barn (5)

bulletMiddle Road - old barn with round wooden silo

bulletGrant Road, outside of Cape Vincent - barn

bulletSam Adams Road, Clayton - house

bulletRoute 12, between Depauville and Clayton - schoolhouse (2)

bulletFrench Creek Road, Clayton - large farmhouse (19)

bulletFrench Creek Road, Clayton - large barn [part of previous farm] (2)

bulletRoute 179, between Chaumont and Depauville - old house

bulletRoute 3, town of Ellisburg near Southwick's Beach - barn (2)

bulletRoute 3, near Henderson Harbor - house

bulletRoute 3, near Henderson Harbor - vine-encrusted silo

bulletRoute 3, near Henderson Harbor - steep-roofed house and farm (2)

bulletEastern Boulevard in Watertown - foundations of old bridge (2)

bulletCourt Street in Watertown - ruins of bridge to Jehelville/Court Street Bridge

bulletRoute 75 near corner of Chestnut Ridge Road - house, much brush around it (2)

bulletRoute 37 before Redwood, across from a corner - old house, and barn (3)

bulletCottage Hill Road, near corner of Route 37 outside of Redwood - shack

bulletCottage Hill Road (or Burns Road?) in the Redwood area - house or shack?

bulletBurns Road - large barn

bulletRoute 46, outside of Theresa - house in woods

bulletRoute 46, outside of Theresa - barn

bulletRoute 180, near Gunn's Corners - barn buildings

bulletOff Millens Bay Road, outside of Chaumont - farmhouse (2)

bullet Route 178, near Adams - barn

bullet Thompson Park, Watertown - ski Shed

bullet Perch River Dam, Cooke Road, off from Parrish Road - Anthony Farm cistern (2)

bulletPerch River Dam, Cooke Road, off from Parrish Road - Eastern Anthony Farm barn ramp (2)

bullet Perch River Dam, Cooke Road, off from Parrish Road - Eastern Anthony Farm Foundation

bullet Anthony Farm Page

bulletGlen Park - remains of support for Glen Park footbridge

bullet Seasonal part of Glass Road, near Black River - farmhouse (2)

bulletOuter Ives Street Road (Route 65), near Watertown Center - remains of stone house (2)

bullet Corner of Floral Drive and Outer Coffeen Street (Route 12F) - storage building of some kind

bullet On Route 75 (Adams Road), corner of Route 3 near Sackets Harbor - schoolhouse (2)

bulletCorner of Route 75/145 and Chestnut Ridge Road - possibly an old storage building

bullet Michael Road, near Smithville - possibly a small barn or an old storage building

bullet Smithville - stone house (2)

bullet Smithville - barn (2)

bullet Smithville - brick Building

bullet Pelo Road, Clayton - was once going to be a barn/farm

bulletRoute 37, short distance from Pamelia Four Corners - house

bulletCorner of Route 22 and Stone Road, across from Pool Road, outside of Theresa - schoolhouse (8)

bulletButtermilk Flats Road, near 180 - schoolhouse

bulletRoute 12 between Alex Bay and corner of Route 180 - house (2)

bulletRoute 12 between Alex Bay and corner of Route 180 - barn that goes with previous house (2)

bulletRoute 12 between Alex Bay and corner of Route 180 - barn

bulletRoute 12 between Alex Bay and corner of Route 180 - barn and silo

bulletCorner of Route 12 and Route 180 outside of Alex Bay - house

bulletScotch Settlement Road, St. Lawrence County - burned out stone house

bulletRoute 26 near Deer River/Denmark - church (2)

bulletLockie Road, near Scotch Settlement Road and in the Pleasant Lake Wildlife Area - ruins of very old Scotch settlement stone house (19 pics and 1 video)

bulletBehind Calcium Post Office - Ryor's Turkey Farm

bullet Otter Creek/Glenfield area on the Independence River, Lewis County -Donnattburg Bridge (6)

bulletCounty Route 160 (Middle Road), Rutland area - Maple Hill Cemetery Crypt (6)

bulletWater Street, Watertown - railroad trestle bridge and nearby (3)

bulletRoute 12E (Main Street), Chaumont - remains of old bridge (3)

bulletState Park Road or South Shore Road, Point Peninsula - barn and building

bulletBeach Road, Point Peninsula - farm house

bulletRoute 11, near Super-Walmart and a Fort Drum Gate - farm house and farm buildings, silos (3)
bulletRoute 3 near corner of 3A, near North Wilna - house bullet(3)
bulletNatural Bridge, Lime Street/Old State Road - Large old structure, possibly for mining

bulletNatural Bridge, Lime Street - Bridge

bulletBear Town Road, next to Ashcraft Pond, Croghan - house (9)

bulletBear Town Road, next to Ashcraft Pond, Croghan - fireplace and ruins (2)

bulletRoute 37, near Hammond - maybe old stone schoolhouse

bulletRoute 37, near Hammond - hidden abandoned house

bulletFort Drum - Leraysville and cemetery (6)

bulletDrake Road, Pamelia - house (2)

bulletKubinski Road, Lowville - house (2)

bulletSchool Road, Felts Mills - unique stone building, old school (2)

bulletFelts Mills, and across from Felts Mills - Taggart Paper Company's "Island Mill", bridge and dams' ruins (16)

bulletS. Skinner Road, off from Route 3, Henderson - low, vine-covered building (2)

bulletCorner of Route 3 and S. Skinner Road - house

bulletRoute 3, Mannsville/Pulaski - house (2)

bulletRoute 3, Mannsville/Pulaski - falling down home

bulletGreat Bend, Jefferson County - old church (4)

bulletMexico Point, NY - ruins of old inn, and park (3)

bulletMassey Street Road, outside of Watertown - ruin of old Robbins barn (6)

bulletTotman Gulf, Lemay Road, Adams/Lorraine - ruins of old bridge across the gorge (5)

bulletCarthage, near Riverside Drive, and on island - ruins of old mills and factoriesbullet (8)

bulletMore Carthage canal and mill pics (6)

bulletBlack River, Howe Street, behind Sweet Haven Church - collapsing ruin of barn of some sort

bulletBlack River, Howe Street - house and building (2)

bulletSackets Harbor, Madison Barracks area (7)

bulletPhiladelphia, NY - railroad storage shed

bulletLafargeville, NY - church

bulletSackets Harbor - earthen embankment which is all that remains of Fort Pike

bulletOff from West Main Street in Watertown across from corner of Bradley Street, on the Black River - Taggart Brothers Company Paper Mill ruins

bulletRoute 3, Black River - old wall ruins near dam

bulletOff from Vanduzee Street, Watertown - many brick buildings {Old Watertown Steam Engine Company} (11)

bulletMartin Street, Watertown - brick buildings and concrete building {an old brewery?} (5)

bulletCounty Route 53 (Cemetery Road), Dexter - house and collapsing/collapsed old barn building(s) (4)

bulletMiddle Road, Pillar Point - house (2)

bulletMiddle Road, Pillar Point - barn (2)

bulletMiddle Road, Pillar Point - another barn (3)

bulletMiddle Road, Pillar Point - storage building or small barn (2)

bulletOff from Pearl Street, Watertown - Air Brake buildings (4)

bulletOff from the Black River-to-Watertown trail (old Woodard Hill Road) - old building foundation and unique concrete structure (7)

bulletHerrings Mill ruins (4)

bulletEast Road, Lowville - just a roof

bulletKeener Road, Lowville - collapsed building

bulletWest Road, near Lowville - little old house in the trees

bulletRoute 12, near Copenhagen - single silo

bulletRoute 12, near Copenhagen - another single silo

bulletNorth Lake Road, Champion - barn and building without roof

bulletHenderson, Route 72 - beautiful old house (4)

bulletHenderson, Route 178 - old church

bulletDeferiet - stone steps, all that remains of what was once the Deferiet Mansion or "The Hermitage"

bulletHenderson Harbor - Mark Hopkins House (4)

bulletNear corner of Overbluff Road and Wilder Road - most of a barn

bulletOverbluff Road - old storage barn

bulletOverbluff Road, Depauville - ruins of a building

bulletRoute 8, Clayton/Cape Vincent area - old house, close to the road (2)

bulletRoute 8 - falling down building

bulletRoute 8 - a number of fallen buildings in one spot (3)

bulletDexter - old fuel tanks

bulletPhotos from Mill Island/Tannery Island/Sheep Island, Felts Mills (26)

bulletMassey Street Road (County Route 75) - old barn

bulletVan Alstyne Road - tiny house or building in the woods

bulletMain Street, Theresa - garage, maybe formerly a house

bulletMiller Road, off from Route 12 between Gunn's Corners and Depauville - barn ruins

bulletGlen Park, Route 12E/Route 190 - old mill ruins, C. R. Remington and Sons Paper Mill (7)

bulletMary McClellan Hospital, Cambridge NY (NE of Albany, about 30 miles east of Saratoga)

bulletTannery Island, Carthage - Island Mill and smokestack remains (5)

bulletDeferiet - Deferiet Mill (being demolished) (7)

bulletDexter - Small concrete building, near park/waterworks

bulletOld Lewisburg (a town on Fort Drum absorbed by the military's expansion years ago), in Town of Diana, on Fort Drum - remains of an iron furnace (12)

bulletCR-3, Hammond - barn (2)
bulletOnondaga Lake Park - old lock from Oswego Canal System (2)

bulletR-3, Hammond - Dodd's House, first stone house in Hammond

bulletHammond, NY - old farm

bulletOgdensburg - St. Lawrence Hospital buildings

bulletFralick Road, Town of Watertown - house (3)

bulletSterlingburg, near Antwerp and now a part of Fort Drum - old ruins (6)

bulletMorristown - House (2)
bulletMorristown - Stone windmill (3)

bulletBrownville, Brown Boulevard - train depot (2)

bulletFort Drum Foundations, Rhicard Hills Housing Area (4)

bulletRoute 12 between East Martinsburg and Lowville - large brick house and out-buildings (2)

bulletRoute 26, Lewis County, burned out house near village of Denmark

bulletOuter Washington Street - barn

bulletCorner of Sherman and Stone Street, Watertown - long abandoned house, old Watertown Music Center (5)

bulletRouses Point, Clinton County - stone business (2)

bulletTransit Road, Erie County - horse stable

bulletRoute 11, St. Lawrence County - house (4)

bulletRoute 11, St. Lawrence County - barn

bulletRoute 11B, Hamlet of Coopersville, Clinton County - brick house

bulletUnnamed dead-end road, Route 11, St. Lawrence County - abandoned porch

bulletRoute 11, Franklin County, south of Malone - barn

bulletRoute 77, Erie County - collapsing/collapsed barn (9)

bulletRoute 11, St. Lawrence County - house (3)

bulletDelaware and Hudson train terminal and roundhouse complex in Rouses Point, Clinton County (11)

bulletRouses Point, Fort Montgomery - unused Civil War fort (6)

bulletRoute 5, Clarence Hollow, Erie County - old farm (2)

bulletGenesee County - old abandoned church (11)

bullet Cattaraugus County, unnamed road many miles from any main roads - house (9)

bulletUnnamed road at end of Greiner Road, near Clarence NY, Erie County - barn (2)

bulletbulletRoute 5, Erie County --> Dysinger Road between Crosby & Raymond Roads, Lockport  - brick house (5)

bulletRoute 78, south of Buffalo, Erie County - barn (4)

bulletPlank Road, Clinton County - silo (8)

bulletRoute 9, near the village of Champlain, at Honeymooners corners - drive in building

bulletDunn Road, Amherst, Erie County - barn or machinery barn (3)

bullet bulletTonawanda Creek Road Niagara County - barn or machinery barn, accordion-like collapsing

bullet Tonawanda Creek Road Niagara County - barn or machinery barn

bulletDumont Road, Town of Champlain - collapsing house
bulletWest of Batavia on Route 63, Genesee County - barn
bulletErie County, Route 39 near Collins - house

bulletErie County, Route 39 near Collins - barn

bulletErie County, Route 39 near Collins - barn

bulletErie County, Route 39 near Collins - collapsing barn

bulletRouses Point, train depot - another train depot building (2)

bulletBetween West Service Road and I-87, just south of the Champlain Border Crossing - house

bulletAlong town of Newstead Trail System, Erie County - barn

bulletSouth of the Village of Springville, Route 219, Cattaraugus County - barn and auxiliary building (11)

bulletMatott Rd, Champlain - dairy farm (13)

bulletNear Tillman Road State Wildlife Management Area, Erie County - foundations (3)

bulletTown of Marilla, Erie County - barn

bulletDavison Road, Mooers Forks, Clinton County - house

bulletMain Street, Champlain, behind Champlain Telephone Company - barn (4)

bullet Oak St, Champlain, NY - burned out house

bulletMiner Farm Road, Altona - vault of former town hall (2)

bulletBechard Road, hamlet of Cooperville, Champlain - barn (3)

bulletBuffalo - Buffalo Central Terminal (3)

bulletRoute 11, Mooers, Clinton County - old store

bulletRoute 12 between Copenhagen and Watertown, Jefferson County - Murray Farm house

bulletMiner Farm Road, Hamlet of Scotia - house (2)

bulletRoute 11, Town of Leray, north of "Busy Corners" - house

bulletRoute 11, north of Fort Drum Gate - Strange small house

bullet Route's 11 and 55 North Lawrence, St. Lawrence County - the establishment "Pete's Place"

bulletRoute's 11, Town of Mooers - house

bulletRoute 5, Orleans County, west of Batavia - farm buildings and house (19)

bulletTown Hall Road, Mooers Forks, Clinton County - old town hall (2)

bulletMain Street, east of Clarence, in Clinton County - house (11)

bulletRoute 11, Malone - Great American/Kmart buildings (2)

bulletRoute 11, Ellenburg Depot, Clinton County - garage (2)

bulletRoute 11, between Ellenberg and Chateaugay, Clinton County - house (2)

bulletCorner of Military Turnpike and Devils Den Road, town of Altona - barn (2)

bulletIrona Road, Town of Altona, Clinton County - house and shed (6)

bulletBlackman Corners Road, Mooers Forks, Clinton County - house (2)

bulletCorner of Miner Farm Rd. and Brunell Road, town of Altona - building (4)

bulletRoute 11, town of Mooers, Clinton County -house/building

bulletHemmingford Road, Mooers , Clinton County - house (3)

bulletGenesee Street & Wende Street, Erie County - bar/restaurant/roadhouse (4)

bulletHamlet of Sheridan, NY, Chautauqua County, State Route 20 - one-room schoolhouse (4)

bulletHamlet of Sheridan, NY, Chautauqua County, State Route 20 - building (4)

bulletRoute 11, Town of Stockholm, St Lawrence County - house

bulletWhite Road, Mooers - house (3)

bulletDavison Road, Mooers Forks - house

bulletRutland Hollow Road - house

bulletNorth of Ellenberg, Clinton County - house (2) 

bulletRoute 11, Town of Clinton, Clinton County - house (3)

bulletNorthstar Road, town of Mooers, Clinton County - stone house (4)

bullet30-40 miles south of Buffalo - old barn (3)

bulletGenesee County, Goodrich Road - barn (5)

bulletRoute 20, village of Silver Springs, Wyoming County - large high school (11)

bulletWest side of Transit Road, near Lockport, Niagara County - small building (3)

bulletDuprey Road, Town of Mooers - maybe milk house of a previous barn (2)

bulletPerry Mills Road, Town of Champlain, on the bank of the Great Chazy River - "Champlain Water Works, Erected 1897" is engraved in the stone (2)

bulletOrleans County, hamlet of Shelby - church (9)

bulletIntersection of NY Routes 263 and 78, Erie County - gas station./repair shop/garage (5)

bulletVillage of Royalton, Niagara County, Gasport Road, to Royalton Ravine County Park trailhead - ruins of Belva Lockwood's stone house (11)

bulletCorner of Lewiston Road and Knowlesvile Road, Genesee County - house (4)

bulletVillage of Willard, Seneca County - old Willard Psychiatric Center Center (23)

bulletWyoming County, Suckerbrook Road - house (3) 

bulletVillage of Middleport, Route 31, near the Erie Canal, Orleans County - house and garage (11)

bulletErie County, Roll Road - tiny abandoned building (3)

bulletPenn Yan, NY - railroad bridge

bulletClark Road, West Chazy, Clinton County - school house (2)

bulletCannon Corners Road, town of Mooers, Clinton county - Dairy barn and sugar house (3)

bulletBacon Road, off from CR-15, town of Lafargeville - ruins of old barn, and remains of a car

bulletRoute 180, near the corner of County Route 12, town of Lafargeville - deteriorating barn

bulletKnowlesville Road Extension, Town of Watertown - house (2)

bulletLeggett Road, Clinton County, Town of Champlain - house (2)

bulletSt. Johns Road, Town of Mooers, Clinton County - dairy barn (2)

bulletGasport, Niagara County, Town of Royalton, at the junction of Slayton Settlement Road and Quaker Road - Mabee Mill (6)

bullet Joe Wood Road, Town of Altona, Clinton County - dairy farm (2)

bulletNorth Star Road, town of Mooers, Clinton County (2)

bulletHouse located on the Fisk Road, Town of Chazy, Clinton County (2)

bulletBush Road, Town of Mooers, Clinton County - Sugar House (7)

bulletRapids Road, Town of Champlain - machine shed (4)

bulletNephew Road Town of Mooers, Clinton County - house (3)

bulletRiver Road, near the corner of Douglas Crossing Road, Theresa, Jefferson County - house or old garage/store?

bulletNorfolk, St. Lawrence County - railroad water tower (6)

bulletVillage of Wiscoy, Town of Hume, northern Alleghany County (Hume Road?) - former cabinet shop(6)

bulletEmery Road, Mooers Forks, Clinton County - Miscellaneous Buildings (6)

bulletWaters Road, Town of Champlain, Clinton County - wind mill and pump house (7)

bulletEmery Road, Town of Mooers - small building (4)

bulletCascade Mill, Penn Yan, Yates County - mill (18)

bulletSeneca Mill, Penn Yan, Yates County - mill (9)  

bulletSlayton Settlement Road, near Gasport, Niagara County - house at dark

bulletRoute 342, near Calcium, Jefferson County - farm (5)
bulletWaters Road, Town of Champlain, Clinton County - barn (3)
bulletGlen Park, Jefferson County - ruins of Remington Mill (30)

bulletLittle Falls, Herkimer County - Little Falls Gravel Plant (5)

bulletCanandaigua, Ontario County - barn (8)

bulletGame Farm Road, Brownville, Jefferson county - unknown small bridge or dam (2)

bulletCard Road, Jefferson County - house (2)
bulletMiddleton Road, Black River, Jefferson County - house and two buildings (4)

bulletMiddleton Road, Black River, Jefferson County - concrete water tank

bulletRouses Point - Delaware and Hudson trail terminal water tower (2)

bulletJunction of Route 3 and Route 60- Newton Falls Bensen Mines Buildings (10)

bulletRoute 12E, mile west of Limerick - shack near driving range (2)

bulletWest Main Street, Watertown - former Taylor Implement business (2)

bulletRoute 11, North of Antwerp, Jefferson County - Bridgeview Motel (3)

bulletJefferson County, near Theresa, Route 37 just south of intersection with Rt. 26 - tourist cabins (3)

bulletPenn-Yan/Dresden Railroad Trail System, Yates County - old mill and chimney (9)

bulletVillage of Cohocton, Steuben County - Erie Railroad Depot (6)

bulletAlong river near Onondaga Lake, Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool, Onondaga County - camp or house (2)

bulletCarthage, Jefferson County - old mill ruins at park on island (7)

bulletWhitehall, Washington County - train roundhouse (5)

bulletTown of Dix, Schyuler County, outside of Watkins Glen - Grange Building (5)

bulletBoquet River in Willsboro, Essex County - Ross Mill (6)

bulletConstable, Franklin County - woodshed/workshop/outhouse (3)

bulletLyon Mountain, Clinton County - Lyon Mountain Mine (10)

bulletNorth Chapel St. in Gowanda, near the border of Erie and Cattaragaus counties - Church (9)

bulletState Route 12F, Watertown, Jefferson County - Bomax Building (7)

bulletCounty Route 15, south of Plessis - collapsing house (4)

bulletCounty Route Four, Cattauragus County, Zoar Valley Area - brick school house (14)

bulletMeseck Road, Town of Mooers, Clinton County - mostly collapsed (3)

bulletLavalley Road, Town of Champlain, Clinton County - small house/machine shed (31)

bulletSpragueville - house (3)

bulletFowler, St. Lawrence County - building, garage?

bulletCorner of Little Bow and Gravel Road, St. Lawrence County - house

bulletAlong the bank of the Chazy River, in the hamlet of Perry Mills, town of Champlain, Clinton County - buildings (35)

bulletTown of Mooers, Clinton County - bridge (3)

bulletRoute 12 (Bradley Street Road), outside of Watertown, near Perch Lake Road, Jefferson County - barn (9)

bulletRoute 30 in Constable about five miles from the Trout River Border Crossing - house (5)

bullet Dexter, off from the Black River, looking down river from the boat launch - old mill or factory

bulletRoute 3, Town of Hounsfield - abandoned bar/restaurant, Tanner's Fireside Inn/Rusted Route (2)

bulletRoute 3, Outside of Watertown, near old Rome Road, Jefferson County - house (3)

bullet Route 3, between Sackets Harbor and Watertown, Jefferson County - farm buildings (3)

bulletRoute 3, Henderson Harbor, Jefferson County - "Ontario Decoys, Inc." building (2)

bulletRatta Road, Town of Chazy, Clinton County - barn (7)

bulletCounty Route 13 & County Route 3 - collapsing garage - barn (4)

bulletAltona, Clinton County - dam, power house, aquaduct (34)

bulletAlong the Black River, Jefferson County, between Felts Mills and Great Bend - mill ruins, dam (20)

bulletDog Hill Road, at corner of Perch Lake/Jack Street Road (County Route 15) and Dog Hill Road, Jefferson County - turkey farm buildings (4)

bulletDog Hill Road, Jefferson County - buildings that were part of Timmerman Turkey Farm (7)

bulletGalway, Saratoga County - Joseph Henry House

bulletGalway, Saratoga County - house in the woods (2)

bulletBoshart Road, off Route 177, Lewis county - dilapidated house

bulletMoren Road, off Gardner Road, Lewis County - building

bulletEast side of Buffalo - buildings (4)

bulletRoute 12 between Watertown and Clayton - Gunns Corners Hotel (Gunn's Corners) (3)

bulletWilder Road, Town of Orleans, Jefferson County - old house (2)

bulletNear Great Bear Road, Fulton - Spring house, spring-water well, Erie Canal guard lock (9)

bulletLyons Falls, New York, Lewis County - Lyons Falls Mill (12)

bulletGreat Bend, Jefferson County - church (10)

bulletHowland Island, Montezuma Wildelife Refuge, Cayuga County near Port Byron - bridge, and a few structures (3)

bulletCanajoharie, Montgomery County - Beech-Nut Factory (6)

bulletRoute 180 just north of Robinson Road, outside of Omar, Jefferson County - farm (6)

bulletNorth Hudson - Frontier Town (28) [More on bulletthis page too]

bulletNorth Hudson - Frontier Town, newer part (continued) (24)  [More on bulletthis page too]

bulletOutside of Redwood, along the Grand Lake Preserve Trail - sugar shanty ruins (6)

bulletSylvester Road, Town of Clayton, Jefferson County (23)

bulletDeport Street, Village of Mooers, Clinton County, GLF Building (7)

bulletMeridian Road, Town of Champlain - Customs Building (4)

bulletRoute 11, Town of Champlain, Clinton County - 11-87 Truck Complex (20)

bulletNorth Hudson - More Frontier Town (28) [more on bulletthis page]

bulletCorner of Route 342 and Route 11, Calcium, Jefferson County - stone house and barn (5)

bullet Malone, Franklin County - old school buildings (35)

bulletMattydale, Syracuse - old cinema

bulletWatertown - Watertown Railroad Roundhouse (multiple photos and graphics)

bulletGreat Bend - Mill ruins, or other building (3)

bulletVillage of Chateaugay - Business Building

bulletRochester - Spirit of Rochester Cruise Ship, Derelict Ship

bulletOrleans-Monroe County Line - motel (6)

bulletWest Leyden - West Leyden Hotel