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Drive-Thru Window, McDonald's

Front Entrance
Frontier Town, Route 9, North Hudson.  Photos taken by guest photographer John M. H. on 10/13/13.  Continued from previous page
More photos from Frontier Town on this page.
John writes "While I was in the parking lot a Gentleman spoke to me who used to work there. He told me he was in his 70s. He had said that there was a landing strip in the back, that one of the second owners used to use. He also told me that Johnny Cash and Leroy Vandyke performed on the stage. He mentioned that after the park closed the first time, that the new owners decided to put up a big building, to help draw in people off the North Way, I-87. He said that the A frame held an area to wait for the train into the Frontier Town Village and offices."
Descriptions on this page also courtesy of John M. H.

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Buildings Leading to Stage



Frontier Town, Route 9, North Hudson. 
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Building (for lighting, sound?)



Gas station across the road
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Buildings across from the main entrance. 

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Rail road, this is behind the A-Frame

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Comments from visitors:
On 4/24/14 Mary Beth Pelton writes "I remember bringing my children here right before it closed the second time and we stayed over in the motel."
On 1/31/15 Jennifer writes "I am working on a series of books on Frontier Town and am looking for stories or old photos of the theme park. The first vol. is called Frontier Town Abandoned Theme Park Then And Now. You can find a link on facebook with the title. Thank you."

Inside A-Frame waiting area for train

Inside A-Frame on the other end of waiting area

Inside A-Frame on the other end of waiting area

McDonald's drive-thru window

More photos from Frontier Town on this page.
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